Workshop about Climate 23 January 2018

Nye Veier and the ZERO Climate Foundation organize seminars and workshops on road-building emissions cuts. Should we succeed, we need to include suppliers, contractors, technology environments, advisors etc. How will we build roads that align with the climate targets in the national Transport plan and the Paris Treaty?

Nye Veier and ZERO want dialogue and cooperation on how to solve this challenge and therefore invite to seminary and workshop on 23 January about how to cut emissions from road construction. What technologies and materials are available today? How do the opportunities look forward? What can your business contribute? The workshop will focus on finding specific solutions to bring down emissions from road construction today and in the longer term.

Target group: suppliers, technology environments, contractors, engineering consultants, academia and material producers.

If you have solutions, ideas or are interested in discussing what we can achieve and what it needs to bring down emissions from road construction, this is the workshop for you.

Time: 23 January at 09.15 – 15.15
Location: Gamle Museet, Dronningensgate 4, Oslo

09:15 Welcome
W/ Sigrid Hansen-Tangen in Nye Veier and Marius Holm in ZERO

09:30 What do the climate goals in the Paris agreement say for the construction sector? W/Guro Hauge at ZERO

09:45 climate targets in upcoming tenders and the world's most climatic-efficient crank W/Nye Veier

10:00 possible emission cuts in road construction, both bet factors and direct emissions. Presentation of new professional ground for workshop W/Nora Omdal Scholdager at Niras

10:30 Startup group work on climate Solutions. The groups will identify possible climate solutions and what it will do to implement them. Division of groups will be based on different material groups, machinery and interdisciplinary groups within tunnel, road and bridge.

11.30 Lunch

12.15 Workshop continues

13.15 Pause

13.30 New group assignment: Specialization in selected climate solutions

14.30 Summary in plenary with the possibility for inputs

15.00 Climate tomorrow

15.15. End


Registration is closed