E18 Sørøst

In 2019, we opened about 40 km new four-lane high way in the south east part of our E18 construction area. New E18 between Tvedestrand and Arendal opened 2. July and the new highway between Rugtvedt and Dørdal opened 2. December. Competition for development of the new E18 through Porsgrunn has been announced. The work on the procurement of the contractor will continue in 2020. The contract is signed in December 2020. The municipality plan for E18 Dørdal – Tvedestrand and E18 Arendal – Grimstad achieved as an inter-municipal plan collaboration. In October 2019, the municipal part plan was adopted in all eight municipalities involved. The E18 construction area runs from Langangen by the coast of Vestfold og Telemark county to Grimstad in the eastern part of Agder county.

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We are going to build new, traffic-safe four-lane highways with speed limit 110 km/h.


Videos from the project

Here you can watch videos and drone footage from the projects that are advancing in the E18 development area.