Nye Veier is a relatively small company with a great responsibility during the next few years, we will invest around 15 Bn EUR in transportation of Norway. With our business model in mind, we will primarily use turnkeys.
To be successful, we are organised as a sleek and efficient building organization. Our HQ is in Kristiansand, but we also have four construction areas located in other parts in Norway.
We recruit managers and professionals across industries and sectors, such as building/construction, oil service, advisors and others in private and public sector. We will develop our own corporate culture and benefit from the competence and experience that employees from the various industries have with them.
Nye Veier has a policy of providing market-based wages, without being a wage leader. Furthermore, we offer conditions common to Norwegian labour industry, such as compulsory service pension (OTP), personnel insurance and flexible working hours.
Nye Veier has an agreement with Experis and Visindi on recruitment services. Please feel free to contact us for more information or questions.