Ethics Helpline - whistleblowing

Nye Veier has a procedure for reporting concerns and an active Ethics Helpline whistleblowing.

Concerns may pertain to:

  • Suspected financial fraud (including theft, corruption, fraud, embezzlement, financial violations, or counterfeiting)
  • Suspected other illegal conditions
  • Harassment or bullying, discrimination or racism
  • Other violations of HSE rules (health, safety and environment)
  • Actions that violate the Nye Veier's core values
  • Labour crime and social dumping.

How to report?

There are two possible ways to report:

  1. Fill out the report form 
  2. Send Letters to PwC: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Att. Marianne S. Pilgaard, Post Box 748, N-0106 Oslo.

It is the individual who decides whether to use the Ethics Helpline and what to report. The reporter does not need to disclose evidence of what they believe to be objectionable. However, reports must be as precise as possible on what has actually occurred. The report should at least include the following:

  • Time (period of time) and location of the event
  • Specific information about what the relationship relates to and what the reporter builds this information on
  • Any person that the reporter knows or believes knows the relationship

The reporter can choose to remain anonymous. However, it will be easier to proceed with the report if reporters state their identity. If reporters state their identity, the report will be made under the full name, as this will generally ensure that the information can be tested and verified. Reports may also choose to remain anonymous to Nye Veier, but expose their identity to PwC, as the recipient of the report. Anyone who reports any possible concerns or wrongdoing conditions should be able to do so without fear of further consequences.


How are reports monitored?

All reports on the Ethics Helpline are received on behalf of Nye Veier by an independent third party, the law firm PricewaterhouseCoopers AS (PwC). PwC shall help maintain a high ethical standard and will handle all notices confidentially.

When PwC receives a report, PwC will send a receipt to the reporter confirming that the report has been received. All incidents reported to PwC through the Ethics Helpline shall receive a case number for identification and reference.

The process also includes an assessment of how the reporter can be maintained in the best possible way. Reports of possible suspected and/or unlawful conditions are sensitive information that requires additional privacy and confidentiality needs.

In a summary note, PwC provides its assessments, advice and suggestions for measures, if applicable, to serve as the Nye Veier's decision-making basis for further follow-up of the report.

If the incident is considered not to be a breach of any laws or regulations or is contrary to Nye Veier's values, the compliance officer in Nye Veier shall terminate the case and justify this.


Contact Nye Veier

Director of safety, organisation and people, Asbjørn Nilsen Aadnevig, tel. +47 905 23 438/


Internal notification

Employees of Nye Veier may notify anonymously through their own form in the management system.