Invoice requirements

Nye Veier AS uses EHF as standard for invoices and credit memos from its suppliers. To ensure proper processing of the invoices, Nye Veier AS depends on the invoices meeting some minimum requirements. The requirements are in accordance with DIFI's guidelines for the format.

Nye Veier AS initially only accepts electronic invoices from our suppliers. The purpose behind this is to increase quality, reduce processing time and make an effort for the environment by reducing paper use.

Nye Veier AS's standard terms state that we have 30 days net payment terms. If nothing else has been agreed, it is assumed that the invoice is in accordance with this.

Invoices that do not satisfy Nye Veier AS's invoice requirements will be rejected. Invoices should not be sent by ordinary mail or by e-mail.

Purchase order
Nye Veier AS shall send a purchase order to suppliers, which shall be the basis for invoicing. If a purchase order has not been received, please contact your contact person in Nye Veier AS.
Issued invoice shall always be in accordance with the received purchase order:
  • The invoices should be specified at the line level.

The line numbers on the invoice must always match the line numbers in the original purchase order. I.e. each line should always have the same line number regardless of the lines that are actually invoiced that month.

  • The invoice should not contain invoice lines that are not specified in the purchase order.
  • An invoice must not contain multiple purchase order numbers.
  • Changes in assignments shall be notified and clarified in advance of the issued invoice.


EHF references
All invoices must have a reference. Below is an explanation for the various references:

  1. Purchase order number: This shall always be stated in the invoice if a purchase order has been issued from Nye Veier. The order number is an 8-digit integer
    • If no purchase order has been issued, the field must be kept blank/empty
    • EHF reference: OrderRefererence/ID
  2. Their reference: If there is a purchase order, order number must be used in this field in addition to the OrderReferererence/ID field. If no purchase order has been issued, a 5-digit employee number must be entered in this field.
    • If a purchase order is not available or the employee number is missing, contact your contact person at Nye Veier AS to have it stated.
    • EHF reference: BuyerReference. The field is mandatory in EHF and must contain a value.
  3. Additional references: References that are not covered can be entered here. The field can contain more than one additional reference.

EHF reference: AdditionalDocumentReference/ID