Property owners

For you who are, or may be, involved in Nye Veiers grunnervervsprosess (process for land / property owners)

What is Grunnerverv?

Grunnerverv is the process by which Nye Veier ensures the grounds and/or rights of the areas necessary to realize our road projects. Major road projects have implications for many. We have a great understanding that planning new roads can be perceived as a challenge by those affected.


Grunnerverv is a rule-controlled process that safeguards the landowner in a safe and proper manner. The rights of the property are secured by Norwegian Law.

Grunnerverv step by step


When the state buys housing to be able to realise the road project, it is called boliginnløsning (residence redemption). Such processes can often be experienced dramatically for the subject. This is Nye Veier aware of and will, therefore, use time for these matters. The process of finding themselves a new place to live can take time. It is therefore essential that this process starts early so that the homeowner has plenty of time to sort it out. Nye Veier is not obliged to find a new residence for the property owners. In order to determine market value, a valuation of the residential property will be carried out. The determination of the market value can be done by the fact that two real estate brokers, one chosen by the homeowner and one of Nye Veier, and cooperate on a shared report. In some cases, it will be applicable for residential owners to use the accommodation in a transitional phase. Here is Nye Veier flexible, but it needs to be clarified in more detail from case to case.

Law and ethics

Property rights stand strong in Norway. The term «full erstatning» ("full substitute") has a long tradition in case law and is also rooted in the Constitution. The guiding provisions for the Grunnervervs process are found in the laws of the Oreigation Act, the Expropriation Law, the Road Law with related regulations and in a number of court decisions. When the substitutions are to be determined, this is the basis for the negotiations that will take place with Nye Veier. Skjønnsretten (the right of discretion) will base its assessment on the same rules.

Nye Veier is very concerned with the ethics of cases regarding Grunnerverv. That means, in short, that all property owners should be treated according to the regulations and with the same necessary degree of respect.

Legal assistance

Initially, the property owner has no claim to be entitled to cover costs for legal assistance in the case of amicable negotiations. In most cases where the agreement is concluded, it will also not be necessary to use an attorney. However, in some cases, legal guidance may be appropriate. Should the costs of necessary legal assistance be covered by Nye Veier, this must be clarified with Nye Veier in advance. This is to avoid that the property owner incurs costs beyond Nye Veier find necessary in relation to the nature and complexity of the case. The property owner is free to choose a lawyer himself, but it is important that the lawyer has sufficient competence, capacity and experience with Grunnervervs processes. Upon request, Nye Veier may disclose which lawyers are already engaged by other landowners in the project. Nye Veier has conditions that the property owners accumulate on one or a limited number of lawyers for the cost of a lawyer to be covered. In some cases, technical assistance may be required. This must be clarified with Nye Veier in advance.

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