Vendor's Conference 13th of April 2021

Welcome to Nye Veier's Digital Vendor's Conference 13th April 2021.
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Nye Veier is organising a digital conference for our partners and contractors.

The conference starts at 13 April 2021, 8:30 am CET. 

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The introductions will be held in Norwegian with English subtitling. The presentations will have English text. There will be the possibility to ask Nye Veier questions through the chat function. The conference will be held on Teams and the link will be posted on our website.

During the conference, introductions will be given by the management team of Nye Veier, who will be offering perspectives on the development of the organisation and possibilities for future contracts from Nye Veier.


08:30 Strategy session

  • Updated company strategy
    Anette Aanesland,
    Chief Executive Officer, Nye Veier
  • HSE and seriousness
    Asbjørn Nilsen Aadnevig,
    Senior Vice President, HSE, HR and CSR, Nye Veier
  • New contract strategy
    Bjørn Børseth,
    Director of Contracts and Procurement
  • Q&A with Aanesland, Aadnevig and Børseth


  • 10:00 - Climate and environment session
  • Our climate and environmental obligations
    Maarten Lohne van der Eynden,
    Strategic advisor climate and environment, Nye Veier
  • Marianne Simonsen Bjørkenes,
    Strategic advisor environment, Nye Veier
  • Q&A with Aanesland and Børseth

Break 45 minutes

  • 11:30 Contract session
  • Design and build contract as our contract form
    Øyvind Moshagen,
    Project Director, Nye Veier
  • Upcoming contracts
    Johan Arnt Vatnan,
    Project Director, Nye Veier
  • National Transport Plan
    Arild Nygård,
    Leader Strategy and Climate, Nye Veier
  • Q&A with Aanesland and Børseth

    Break 15

  • 12:45 Local ripple effects
  • Local value creation from Nye Veier projects
    Eivind Moe Hammersmark,
    Manager (PhD), Oslo Economics
  • How to become a supplier to Nye Veier's projects
    Harald J. Solvik,
    Project Manager, Nye Veier
  • Experiences of subcontractors of Nye Veier to turnkey contractors
    Bjørn Velken,
    Senior Vice President, Construction, Kruse Smith
  • Q&A and closing remarks with Aanesland, Aadnevig and Børseth

14:00 Closing



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