E16 Kløfta – Kongsvinger

Nye Veier will plan, develop and build the new E16 between Kløfta and Kongsvinger. The stretch is approximately 60 kilometres in length and runs through the municipalities of Ullensaker, Nes, Sør-Odal and Kongsvinger. In the spring of 2019, Nye Veier became responsible for further work on the road. We want to plan the stretches as one major joint project to achieve a good and comprehensive solution. To meet the requirement for a comprehensive and effective planning process, the municipal councils in Ullensaker, Nes, Sør-Odal and Kongsvinger are invited to commit to participating in inter-municipal planning cooperation associated with the road. Decisions related to this will come in February 2020. Sør-Odal municipality has announced and will host the position project coordinator for the new E16 on the stretch of Kongsvinger - E6. The project coordinator will be a professional link between the four municipalities and Nye Veier.

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