Vendor conference: Ulsberg – Vindåsliene

The Trøndelag office for Nye Veier presented one project at this year’s vendor conference: the stretch that runs from Ulsberg in Rennebu to Vindåsliene in Midtre Gauldal. In this article you can read more about the project.

In December 2018, it was announced that the project E6 Ulsberg-Vindåsliene has a higher priority in Nye Veiers portfolio. The criterias for qualifying for the competition is now set and was published in EU-Supply in week 12.  
– Several stretches on E6 are subject to accidents due to poor quality and numerous hazardous areas. There are many who have waited over a long time for a new and safer highway, says Johan Arnt Vatnan, project director in Nye Veier E6 Trøndelag. 


About the project:  

  • 25 km, mainly in untouched ground
  • The construction work will barely affect the traffic on the current E6
  • Twotunnels: Ulsbergtunnelen (1,3 km) and Vindåslitunnelen (2km) 
  • Severalbridges and concrete constructions  
  • Big amount of masses must be removed
  • Contract value: approx. 2,6 bill NOK
  • Cost of project: 3,6 bill NOK
  • General conditions of contract for design and build contracts (NS 8407)


About the process: 

  • Contractor should be ready by October 2019
  • Planned start-up: 2020
  • Planned completion: 2023
  • A draft of the zoning plan will be sent to the municipalities for further work in March 2019. A decision will be made in the municipality by June 2019.
  • We have just started the negotiation process about soil. Mostly concerning forests. 4 out of 12 residentials have been cashed in. 
  • Expropriation notice for properties without agreements are sent out immediately after the zoning plan decision in August 2019.
  • The need for archaeological mapping has been clarified, and there is no need for excavations.
  • Moving high voltage lines will be done before the contractor is in place. It requires a license. We have made an agreement with Trønderenergiwhich is the network owner. 


Ulsberg – Vindåsliene is one of four projects in the E6 development that takes place south of Trondheim. The entire southern stretch runs from Ulsberg to Melhus town center. 


Here you can read more about the Vendor conference and se all the presentations (the article is in Norwegian, but you can find the presentations in English).


Construction manager: 
Lars Bjørgård  
(+47) 913 39 511 


Project manager:  
Arild Mathisen  
(+47) 477 52 696