Nye Veier

Nye Veier AS is planning, building, operating and maintaining traffic-safe main roads in Norway. The company emphasises to build roads that reduce travel time, connect living- and labour market regions, and ensure fewer killed and severely injured in traffic.

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Our Mission

Strengthened Competitiveness

Transport systems are correlated. An essential social mission for new roads is to have a holistic approach when we prioritize which roads we should build. Traffic safe main roads should link residential and regional labour markets to each other. This link of infrastructure will strengthen the industry's competitiveness and improve people's everyday life.

Community Benefits

Socio-economic profitability, i.e. the benefit minus cost, is accommodating to control which and when main roads are to be developed. Nye Veier rank and build projects with high socio-economic profitability before those with low/negative socio-economic profitability. The most crucial factor affecting community usefulness is the reduced travel time for the road user.

Traffic Safety

Better and safer roads are helping to renew Norway, and to increase opportunities in rural areas as well as cities. Safe roads provide fewer accidents and reductions in social costs and human suffering. Four-lane roads, with separate traffic flows, are some of the most traffic safe roads we can build. Being able to travel safely and securely on the roads helps us to improve our everyday lives.