E39 Kristiansand vest – Mandal øst

Nye Veier is building a new E39 as a four-lane highway with speed limit 110 km/h for the 19 kilometre long stretch of Kristiansand west to Mandal east. The project also includes new direct access from E39 to Mjåvann Industrial area. The development starts in the Fidjane area in Kristiansand and ends at Døle bridge in the east of Mandal municipality. The route runs through the municipalities of Kristiansand, Songdalen, Søgne and Mandal. Construction start was 9. October 2018. The stretch should be finished built during the fall of 2022. The total contract value is of NOK 4.7 billion ex. sales tax. Contains: three-level intersection. Tunnels: Mjåvannshei 355 meters, Brulihei 913 meters, Volleberg 600 meters, Søgne 4000 meters, Lindeli 550 meters. Longer bridges: Bukksteinsvannet 130 meters, Rossevann 170 meters, Monan 400 meters, Trysfjord 534 meters. Animal crossings and culverts for local - and operating farming routes.

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